Makeup + Hair Services:

  • Brand: click here to book me.

    *Half day and full day(8hrs) pricing available. Varies upon location, shoot length, and number of models.

  • Individual: click here to book me.

    *Makeup begins at $150.

    *Hair + Makeup begins at $200.

    *Bridal makeup for bride starts at $250.

    *Blowouts are an additional service.

    *Pricing varies upon needs, location, and time of day.


Private Makeup Lesson:

  • Want to feel confident about how to do your makeup but are currently clueless where to start?

  • Wish you knew exactly what products to use best suited for you and your skin type?

  • Hate wasting money on products you don’t need and dealing with pushy sales people?

  • Need a beautiful, glowy, daily makeup look that fits your lifestyle or any other occasion?

  • Looking for a cleaner makeup routine? Let’s detox your beauty bag!

Well I’ve got you!

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.
— Sophia Loren