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Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Guide for your:

Campaign, Photoshoot, Event, Wedding, Performance.

One on One Makeup Sessions.


Makeup & Hair Artistry


+ All your beauty needs met on your terms.

+ Look beautiful and Feel confident for your shoot or special event.

+ Bring together the right team to give life to your creative vision.



Private Makeup Session:

+ Eliminate confusion on how to use makeup.

+ Learn professional tips & trick suited for your needs.

+ Get a customized routine & learn about the products that are best for you.

+ Detox your current beauty bag and start using cleaner options.

+ Save money, learn about makeup and enjoy time with your girlfriends. Book a small private group makeup class!


- Most women don’t feel confident or beautiful in their own skin. I help women look and FEEL beautiful from the inside out.


Reconnect To Your True Inner Beauty,

Shine From the Inside Out,

And Finally, Feel Amazing In Your Own Skin.


I’m Rachele Fialco and I am a Makeup Artist & Beauty Guide.

I believe every woman has the right and responsibility to feel confident and look amazing....

Since I can remember I was always a visually stimulated person. l loved seeing all of the beautiful models, like Cindy Crawford, on magazine covers in the 90’s and wanted to know how they looked so glamorous.

My mom wore makeup and any chance I got I was right there in the mirror with her, and every other woman in my life, watching. Taking me to the mall was probably a nightmare because I couldn’t resist playing at the beauty counters.

In high school and college I was the go to “makeup guru” for all my friends. I couldn’t get ready to go out without doing everyone else’s makeup first, still the case now.

It was inevitable, some how I would turn my passion into a career.

I began my career as a makeup artist in the NYC fashion industry, because I wanted to empower women and help them feel beautiful.

Teaching woman how to do their makeup, getting them ready for a photoshoot or a wedding and seeing how it can be transformational for them is rewarding.

Quickly I realized that makeup can be such a powerful tool for a woman’s confidence level.

However, I would hear time after time stories from women struggling with their self-worth and self-confidence, no matter how beautiful they looked on the outside.

I realized being confident and beautiful involves a lot more work than just slapping on lipstick.

I’ve done A LOT of self exploration and of inner work myself throughout my journey. I discovered that self-worth was the key a lot of women were missing to allow their true inner beauty to shine through.

Most women focus on external beauty and the endless comparison game which ultimately leads to un-fulfillment.

I saw an opportunity to help shift the perception of beauty for all the women I work with.

Every woman deserves to feel confident, love herself, look beautiful and have the tools to do so!

I am a makeup artist and teach women how to achieve beauty on the outside, but also help give them an inner beauty makeover as well!